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How Associations Benefit with Microsoft Blog Series: Power Automate

Why a system built on the Microsoft Platform is the right fit for associations. We’re introducing a new series about Microsoft features and how Altai Systems has adapted them for associations. Automate the Mundane. Altai champions this phrase to all of our prospects and clients. So do lots of other people based on how many […]

How Associations Benefit with Microsoft Blog Series: Teams

Why a system built on the Microsoft Platform is the right fit for associations. We’re introducing a new series about Microsoft features and how Altai Systems has adapted them for associations. Odds are that you – or someone close to you – is using Teams. That may not have been the case 18 months ago. […]

Why Associations Should Choose a CRM

For years – decades even – associations have managed their customers using an Association Management System. Vendors rightly saw a niche audience and built proprietary tools to address the specific needs of a membership organization, which was great. Associations do have specific needs. And with over 20,000 associations in the US alone, there’s a rich […]

RFP Pitfalls to Avoid

The RFP process can be stressful. In great part because you know it’s the start of a big change for your association. You’re likely ready to embark on a system implementation or upgrade and the RFP is the necessary step in that process. But…is it?  Some associations need to do an RFP because it’s built into their procurement or is a general counsel-directed policy. […]

Thinking of Switching your AMS? Preparing For Change

Your current AMS has stopped meeting your needs and you’re ready for a change. Time to write an RFP and implement a new system, right? Sure. That will get you a new system. But will you be more successful than you are now? Are you preparing for what a change can do for you, your members, and your future?  […]

Top 10 Ten Reasons Why Associations are Switching to Altai Systems

Since 2007, Altai Systems has been focused on association management software. Today we believe the historical AMS is too limiting and associations are best served using robust association-specific functionality built within the Microsoft 365 business platform. This means the tools you’ll use to manage your association allow you access to some of the best business tools available AND allow you the flexibility to incorporate technology you’re already using and love, directly into that platform. This provides your association not only what’s important […]

Single Sign On (SSO), Identity Management, and how to not torture your members.

Single sign-on, or SSO, allows your members – and really anyone who has an online account with you – to avoid keeping track of multiple usernames, passwords, permissions, and roles. One login gives them access to all your connected digital components they have rights to access. It also allows you to manage who has access to what. Restricted board content, digital downloads, personalized recommendations. SSO opens the door to the […]

How to view top usage of CRM tables to clean up your data in Microsoft Dynamics

As your association’s CRM administrator, one of your top priorities is the management of your data and how it is stored. With the changes from Microsoft on storage, our clients are asking us how to clear out unneeded storage of data and to gain insights on where the largest data exists.  By clearing out unneeded […]

Call For Proposals

Call For Proposals is Altai’s latest functionality that makes soliciting feedback from members easier to gather and qualify. Our CFP module assists an organization in requesting suggestions or feedback from its membership and industry thought leaders. Allowing associations to call on their constituents to propose, an award, a session, a paper, a nomination, an abstract, […]

The Altai Advanced Certification and Credentialing Solution

Altai’s Advanced Certification solution (ACCS) was first released in 2010 utilizing the Microsoft CRM platform. We’ve been enhancing and expanding its capabilities for the last 10 years to bring you the best solution possible.  The ability to extend and enhance the solution is one of the strengths of the Altai Business Platform. It is designed to be personalized to […]