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As your association’s CRM administrator, one of your top priorities is the management of your data and how it is stored.

With the changes from Microsoft on storage, our clients are asking us how to clear out unneeded storage of data and to gain insights on where the largest data exists.  By clearing out unneeded data, your system’s storage capacity will be improved and you will avoid overage charges from storing unnecessary data. Below you will find details on how to gain these insights in order to best make decisions for what data you may be able to remove if and as needed.

Power Platform Admin Center

The simplest and most detailed way your association is able to access insights about your data is to use the Power Platform Admin Center.

The Power Platform’s admin center features Analytics of your CRM environment. There you can click on “Dataverse” which shows you by entity. While in the dataverse you can access a wide range of useful details such as entity usage. Dataverse includes a base set of entities that provide structure for data used by business applications. For more information on entities click here.

You can also ascertain your organization’s data capacity. This page provides a tenant-level view of where your association is using storage capacity. To view the Summary page, select Resources > Capacity > Summary.