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Microsoft Dynamics 365
AMS Platform
Trust Your Data Automate Your Processes Build Your Member Value |

Ready to elevate your association? With Altai’s cutting-edge AMS Platform, built within Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can modernize your operations effortlessly. Say goodbye to scattered data; our platform centralizes everything from membership records to event details and finances, ensuring you have accurate, real-time information at your fingertips. Plus, we give you the tools to simplify your workload, whether it’s automating an application process or managing committees. With Altai’s member portal, members are in control. Updating profiles, paying dues, and accessing resources hassle-free, all tailored to your member’s need. It’s time to modernize the way you work.


Association Specific

Using the wrong AMS can create problems for your association. Altai Systems is built with Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving you the most robust and powerful tools so that you only have solutions. Leave your old technology issues in the past and move to the platform that gives you the power. 

Functionality For ASSOCIATIONs

Tools For Long-Term Success

Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365, Altai delivers the essential association-specific functionality your organization demands.



Our methodology starts with the client in mind. With experts in requirements gathering and configuration, combined with client subject matter experts, we create a roadmap for effective implementation to meet your needs.


Discovery is the first step to implementation. No matter the approach or or strategy that fits best we work with clients to find the best fit. To ensure clear communication of requirements, we offer light configuration and "show and tells".


Training is critical for success. Our goal is to empower clients post go-live to manage setup, future configurations, and day-to-day operations independently. Our Clients are equipped with documentation and training for their desired level of independence.


Our service desk partners with our clients to proactively help them scale and grow with a service level that meets our client's needs whether that is our base support (included in licenses), transitional support or premium premium support that can extend to 24 hour access.


Right Fit, Right Client

At Altai Systems, we pride ourselves in looking for clients that are the right fit. We thrive on partnering with forward-thinking organizations ready to embrace cutting-edge technology to enhance their operations. We excel in serving associations, and member-based organizations seeking to streamline their processes and deliver exceptional member experiences. If you’re eager to modernize your systems and empower your members, Altai Systems is here to help you succeed.


We begin with the end goal in mind: happy clients. Our AMS Platform is not suitable for every association, and our objective is to identify the right fit and concentrate our efforts accordingly. We take into account an association's timeline, budget, staff, and core needs, balancing them against our configuration-first approach to assess compatibility as a partner for your team.



In our search for ideal clients, we prioritize those with a commitment to team engagement, a culture of collaboration, strong leadership backing, and a cultural fit with our values. We believe that these elements are essential for successful partnership and mutual growth. At Altai Systems, we aim to align with organizations that share our vision and dedication to excellence.



Altai Systems prefers clients who are eager to "learn how to fish". We provide comprehensive training and support, empowering organizations to maximize the potential of our AMS platform. We believe empowered users achieve greater success and contribute to a more vibrant and dynamic association. Altai is here to help you thrive.  



We seek organizations committed to the Microsoft ecosystem—a commitment we call being "all in" with Microsoft tools. We seek clients who share our desire to harness the power of Microsoft's suite of solutions to drive innovation and efficiency across their operations. We are eager to leverage Microsoft technologies to their fullest potential, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact. 



We Serve Associations
So YOU Can Serve Your Members

Altai Systems has been serving associations for over 15 years as a company but our founders and many of our team members have been serving the association community for over 25 years.


Altai Systems provides solutions to bring members closer, closer to our clients, their organizations and closer to each other