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We’re a fully distributed team that has successfully merged CRM and AMS software for our clients for over 20 years. Our average tenure is 10+ years and our staff is filled by long term association focused team members. We are the first team to implement Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 as a tool for associations. We stand apart from our competitors by staying committed to your association from the date of your first demo, all the way through till delivery of your complete CRM/AMS software, e-commerce site, member portal, and certification platform. We give the same detailed level of attention to each of our clients, from our smallest 5 seat system all the way up to our 500+ user systems. We’re proud of the value and service excellence that Altai provides and we’re here to make sure you’re association is running at its most efficient and with its best chances of improving its goals as an institution.

About Altai

From the beginning, we’ve thought about the Association market differently.  We’ve always believed that associations deserve the same tools that Fortune 500 companies use to make work more efficient and scalable while customizing for the association space. Our journey began when two seasoned association professionals set out on a mission to provide solutions for association management based on a fortune 500 business platform. From there, we embarked on a quest to change the way associations manage a multitude of operations and became the first company to create association management software using a true CRM. By being the first to embrace this software, we became leaders, inspiring others to witness how a true revolution can happen. Our strategic vision utilizes the Microsoft business platform to spark a digital transformation within your business.

Altai has over 20 years of history successfully implementing systems for associations. Prior to that, the principals of Altai implemented iMIS and then Siebel for associations going back to the 1990’s. Altai’s first client was a 400-user client starting at version CRM 3.0 and going live with CRM 4.0. From there, Altai completed a number of successful implementations ranging from 10 users to over 400 users’. During that time, Altai has had the privilege of working with some extremely successful clients and we have continued to work with their teams on not only implementing CRM and AMS technology but member portals, e-commerce platforms, and highly flexible credentialing projects and upgrades. Our clients continue to be our strongest advocates and we couldn’t be more proud. When you work with Altai, you’ll find a new, long-term, partner engaged in your success.

A Few Satisfied Associations Running on Altai Systems


The average number of years Altai employees have been with our team


Altai Systems runs within Dynamics 365 which has the highest reportable level of uptime possible.


The largest associations Altai Systems has implemented have had incredibly large teams

Altai’s journey starts with our mission.

Altai Systems provides solutions to bring their members closer: closer to our clients, their organizations, and closer to each other.

Our Values

We should lead in thought, approach, and design to produce a great product. Create repeatable processes that increase client satisfaction, lower risk, automate the mundane, and generate more opportunities for revenue.

Be absolutely honest with yourself, us, and our clients.

Own it, never point. Create relationships with our clients where we are not a vendor but their partner and trusted advisor.

Passion turns a mistake into a learning opportunity and creates growth. Be a great place to work where the best people can grow and find a home.

Only do what we can do great. Create an affordable solution for associations and non-profits that help them execute their vision no matter the challenge, and ultimately connect their members closer to their organization. Remain a profitable organization in order to continue to service our clients so that everyone can realize their goals and dreams.

  1. Focus on quality and understand the cost of poor quality 
  2. Focus on reusability 
  3. Accept change.   It can always be better. 
  4. Work efficiently 
  5. Find gold in discontent.   Make it better… 
  6. Find and live a balance. 

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