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Why Clients Choose Altai

Associations choose Altai when they are transitioning away from their outdated-proprietary AMS that is unable to keep pace with modern technological advancements. Or they are on a platform system with frustratingly minimal client engagement and a limited roadmap. If this sounds like your current AMS provider then Altai is here to help.


What Makes Altai Unique

Multiple Integration Options

Conventional APIs aren't the sole method of integration anymore. With the Microsoft AppSource and Power Automate readily available, your association has numerous options to uphold your AMS Platform as the singular source of truth.

Web Portal in your CMS

Unlike other AMS solutions that necessitate the creation of a separate sub-site within your main CMS for the membership portal, Altai offers a unique approach. Our CMS-agnostic web portal parts seamlessly integrate with your existing CMS, allowing you to embed the portal directly into your website while maintaining the CSS styling you've meticulously crafted.

Certification & Credentialing

Our top-tier certification/credentialing module boasts a rule engine and self-service web portal functionality, adept at managing even the most intricate association needs.


Establishing business units for chapters enables the implementation of detailed security protocols, dictating access to specific data based on predefined criteria. Within Dynamics 365, a business unit functions as a segmented entity within your database, operating with its own unique objectives, internal structure, rules, and responsibilities.


Incorporating a comprehensive suite of integrated accounting and financial management features, meticulously crafted to seamlessly process transactions within the AMS platform. Altai adeptly oversees all invoices and payments. It effortlessly generates and manages batches while meticulously tracking funds to their designated GL accounts.