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Enable end-to-end capabilities between Microsoft Office and your Microsoft CRM.

Why Altai Systems, built within the Microsoft Power Platform is the right fit for associations. Email has changed our lives. And while it can be a distraction, it’s also where a lot of work gets done. Consider how often we’ve all walked out of a meeting or closed a Zoom or Teams video thinking that an email would’ve been so much more efficient. Because that’s what email can be – an effective and economical tool to convey information. But what if you’re not harnessing all that it could be. Think about how often you communicate with your members. You get an email from a leader about material prep for an upcoming meeting or you get a complaint from a member threatening to drop. What if you could see key information without toggling to your CRM. Or update data like job titles and contact info directly from the email. With Microsoft, you can do just that. Microsoft’s Power Platform connects its suite of functionality including Microsoft’s CRM and Outlook to work for you seamlessly. Microsoft is turning the tools you use into a collective Customer Engagement ecosystem that will sustain your work now and into the future.

Features that you don’t want to miss out on include:

  • Linking email messages and meetings to a record in your Microsoft CRM. This connection allows your colleagues the opportunity to understand past interactions to ensure consistent, engaged customer service. In addition, studies have shown that this synchronization saves the average user 30 minutes per day from copying/pasting.
  • Syncing contacts between Outlook and the CRM. Do you regularly email your leaders directly? You’re likely to get a contact update before it’s updated in the CRM. Now you can sync the data so everyone can send timely information to the right address.
  • Add email templates to share valuable content when you create an email message or set up a meeting. You want your messages to feel authentic and maintain a personal touch. But you also want to make sure your team remains on point. Email templates from the CRM can be accessed in Outlook to do just that.
  • Contact lookup. Can’t remember a contact’s phone number. Allow outlook to search Dynamics, find the right contact, and display his/her contact information without having to leave Outlook or log into the CRM separately.
  • Send group messages to the right people in the group. As people are added and removed from certain groups, Committee members, for instance, the two solutions can synchronize those contacts for you so that the right people are always immediately reachable.
  • Assigned Tasks for your team are also synced with Outlook’s Tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Outlook even works with the CRM when you are offline. The system will sync when you come back online.


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