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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Power of Microsoft

Altai recognizes the critical role technology plays in driving member engagement, optimizing business processes, and fostering growth. That’s why we’ve chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365, powered by the robust infrastructure of the Microsoft Power Platform, as the cornerstone of our association AMS Platform, and we believe it’s the perfect foundation for your association’s success as well.

Increase Member Engagement

Power Automate's workflow engine allows users to build custom integrations and automated processes across Office 365 and third-party applications without the help of developers

Automate Business Processes

Find insights within your data and share, interact, and collaborate on rich analytics reports based on your data to find the insights, trends, and critical business intelligence you need.

Configurable and Scalable Solution

Unlock unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency with Azure, empowering you to seamlessly expand your digital capabilities while minimizing operational overhead.

Seamless Integration

Protect your data, devices, and identities across all endpoints with Microsoft's extensive array of advanced threat protection solutions, designed to enhance your security effortlessly.


Platform Based AMS Built on Microsoft

Bringing together Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, to provide a comprehensive platform to analyze data, configure business rules, and automate workflows. With Altai and Microsoft’s powerful infrastructure at your disposal, you can unleash the full potential of your members, and drive innovation across your organization.


Know Your Members
Unlock Your Data

Understanding members is crucial for associations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable associations to gain better insights

360° Member View

Aggregate member data from multiple touch-points and channels into a comprehensive view. Including demographics, contact history, past interactions, transactions, and preferences. Having a 360-degree view of each member allows your association to understand their needs, and behaviors more accurately.

Segmentation and Targeting

Segment your member base on various criteria such as demographics, interests, engagement levels, and membership status. By creating targeted segments, associations can deliver personalized communications, offers, and content that resonate with each member segment, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Engagement Scoring

Assign engagement scores based on interactions. Scores can be calculated using predefined criteria such as email opens, event attendance, website visits and much more. By tracking engagement scores over time, associations can identify high-value members, prioritize outreach efforts, and tailor engagement strategies.

Predictive Analytics

Use AI and machine learning to analyze member data and predict future behavior and trends. Analyzing historical data, purchase patterns, browsing behavior, and demographic information, Dynamics 365 can identify patterns and predict which members are likely to churn, upgrade their membership, or respond positively to specific campaigns. This insight enables associations to proactively engage with members and take preemptive actions to maximize retention and revenue.

External Data Sources

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with external data sources such as LMS systems, event platforms, survey tools, and third-party databases. By consolidating data from these sources into Dynamics 365, associations can enrich member profiles with additional information and gain deeper insights into member preferences, sentiment, and sentiment. This integrated approach enables associations to build more comprehensive member profiles and deliver hyper-targeted experiences.

Microsoft Learn

Incredible Resources and Training Opportunities

Microsoft Learn offers Associations a wealth of resources and training opportunities that will assist in moving you into the future of technology

Skill Development for Staff and Members

Microsoft Learn offers free online courses and tutorials to help associations develop staff and member skills in using Microsoft technologies like Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform.

Certification Preparation

Associations can utilize Microsoft Learn's exam preparation resources to support staff and members in earning Microsoft certifications, validating their expertise, and advancing their careers.

Customized Learning Paths and Content

With Microsoft Learn's customizable learning paths and curated content, associations can design tailored learning experiences to address specific skill gaps and organizational objectives.

Unlock the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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