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Creating cohesive, concise, and intriguing campaigns can be a challenge.

Getting your members to interact with this information can prove to be even more difficult, resulting in a daunting and time-consuming effort for your staff. However, this does not have to be the case


Your AMS (Association Management Software) constantly captures valuable data points from your members, contributing to various engagement points. Utilizing this material can create powerful and personalized campaigns related to consumer interests. Knowing how to leverage these decisions based upon how your members interact within your association will always provide them with the best experience possible

There are typically four basic data points associations use from their members to personalize content. This includes age, title, gender, and zip code. Using these primary elements allows you to group individuals into segments, creating a more refined target audience of the material you want them to interact with. This is only the beginning of creating a successful marketing strategy that will result in increased engagement and a more in-depth representation of your users based on their own demands. 

Behavioral data is created from the observed actions of users, giving you genuine and accurate insights into how they are using your services. One way you can do this effectively is by creating tags within your system that will track users and the material they interact with. As members engage with specific content it will relay these interests over to their contact allowing you to match them to these tags. Using these basic elements allows you to group these individuals into segments, creating a more refined target audience of the material they have previously engaged with.

With Dynamics 365 users can utilize configurable dashboards that show plethora of information giving the ability to organize your members into personas based on the behaviors thathey exhibitStatic or dynamic worksheets can be created and directly exported to Microsoft Excel, bringing immense ease of reporting, and saving your staff time – all while allowing you to better capture your members interest and create content that will speak to them directly.

Tracking these behaviors within your association creates a marketing strategy that results in an intelligent (and successful) way to retain higher interaction. Who has attended a specific online seminar? Who has taken a CAE course on your LMS? Who has registered for the annual conference? These specific data points can be defined inside Microsoft Dynamics to build digital personas. This personalized output puts your members first, actively sending them content based upon the wants and desires that cater to the specific individual. For example, while sending out the monthly newsletter, multiple arrangements can be constructed, each holding the same information, but arranged in a different order. The key points that are shown first are based upon earlier interactions they have had within their persona grouping.  

Learning how to navigate these critical tools in your system not only will bring your association greater success in engagement but creates a more individualized experience for your members.

  • Altai creates a content community and commerce all in one. Depending on your campaign, our portals will create a side-by-side process to guide your users into a seamless path towards a specific goal. 
  • Once your members have been defined into segments and campaigns are created – you can quickly provide them with valuable information they need to advance their knowledge and career.  
  • Hyper personalized content based on specific patterns of other users with similar interests will increase your engagement resulting in more emails being opened.  
  • Altai Systems understands the challenges you may face with membership and marketing. Offering a completely customizable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and AMS interface – all built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform.

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