Functionality That Makes a Difference

Just a Few of the Capabilities Altai Offers

  • Member Management

    Altai’s business platform helps members collaborate, communicate, and coordinate to solve issues together. With our innovative association management software powered by Microsoft Dynamics, you and your team can work together to achieve a common goal.

  • Event Management

    Whether it be a three-member committee meeting or a week-long conference with hundreds of sessions and thousands of attendees, our scalable solution supports complete event management.

  • Member Web Portal and Shopping Cart

    Altai’s web tools allow you to extend the Microsoft business platform to your members. Not just a unified shopping cart, we offer collaboration, commerce, content, and much more.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Next-generation business applications are available on any device, at any time. Our #JustInTime technology delivers the right content to the right member on the right device.

  • Staff Productivity

    Leaders need to focus on achieving goals, not completing mundane tasks. Our association management software for Microsoft Dynamics allows you to automate any business process inside and outside of your organization.

  • System Management

    All aspects of the Altai business platform are accessed from dashboards that give you complete control of infrastructure, business applications, and a multitude of options.

Our Implementation Methodology

Our implementations contain 3 key areas: technology, people, and process. Each one is equally important and is discussed in our Implementation Methodology download

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    Altai Performance

    If you are a small to midsize association with annual revenue less than $6 million, check out Altai Performance. The only CRM based AMS solution that is configured and implemented automatically. Fill a survey, place your data into 8-12 spreadsheets for importing, and the system automatically deploys and implements. Give your associations an easy to use AMS with the extendibility of a Powerful CRM, without the long implementation project. Our solution can never be outgrown and will handle anything the world throws at it.

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    Altai Enterprise

    Bust out the wants and needs list you’ve been holding out hope for. Highly configurable based on the needs of the client, Altai’s AMS solution coupled with Dynamics 365 has more capability than any other AMS, and more integration with the tools you’re already using today.

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    Altai Portal Plugins

    Our unified portal plugins is a revolutionary concept for association management solutions that work inside any content management system with interchangeable web parts that result in a faster implementation that is easier to use. Our portal plugins also enables automated content that displays based on the needs of the individual member showing messages that transform their engagement on any device they use.

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    Altai Credentialing

    Manage the process of candidate applications and streamline the certification and accreditation process from a single system of record. With Altai Credentialing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 organization staff can easily configure advanced business rules to control when and how a person or organization must re-certify or manage complex maintenance of certification (MOC) rules and prerequisites.


Individual Membership Associations

Individual Membership Associations

Get to know your members! Because of Altai’s ability to seamlessly integrate within the Dynamics 365 cloud, you’ll understand patterns that drive engagement, patterns that cause attrition, as well as, how to ensure you keep your members in sync with your association.


Institutional Membership Associations

Institutional Membership Associations

Three words: Altai Peer Analytics. Uniquely position your association by providing the valuable insight your members need through easy-to-compile analytics that clearly show how they rank against their peers, competitors, and the industry itself.


Hybrid Membership Associations

Hybrid Membership Associations

Easily segment both types of members and serve up the data they need to better extend their knowledge about the industry whether through dashboards, events, publications, etc.

peer analytics tablet

Peer Analytics for Institutional Membership Associations

Altai Peer Analytics helps members securely compare business metrics to their peers through anonymous reporting and side-by-side analysis of their information. Learn how you’re association will be the repository of summary information that will help members understand their position within their industry, region, size range, or any measurable criteria.

What is Automated Implementation?

For smaller associations on a budget, Altai Performance is configured without a long implementation process. With the guidance of a detailed survey about your association’s needs, our implementation offers you a rapid, controlled cost implementation that goes above and beyond a standard predefined solution. As your association needs change, so will Altai Performance. Infinitely configurable to meet each changing need. The installation of our solution is script-based, so it is complete in hours, not days.

Implementation for Enterprise

Associations that are looking for a higher level of configuration and with large teams, we recommend working directly with our Altai Consultants to nail every aspect. The Altai Enterprise Implementation methodology is based on the Agile approach and is an accelerated project implementation method, focusing on the key strategic and tactical areas that must be addressed to minimize both Altai Systems Consulting investment and our client’s business risk, while facilitating successful delivery and completion of our client’s solution. Implement all of your users and members under one program that supports growth and future objectives while improving value.


Take Advantage of Our Resource Center

Blogs, e-books, webinars, and more. Our resource center is filled with helpful information about managing your technology, tips for better productivity, and getting the most from your software systems. Come back ofter for virtual events and up to date information for better association management.

The Tools Associations Want

Leverage the power of association management software built within Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Cloud Hosted — Hosted on Microsoft Azure, your data can be accessed anywhere
  • System Integration — Continue using all of your 365 apps, Outlook, Teams, Excel, Flow, but now integrated to your AMS
  • Data Security — Organize, store, manage, and maintain, all of your most critical data with peace of mind
  • Connected — Your teams work better together when connected to the same tools, processes, and data

Experts in Association Technology

Increased Capabilities Without Increased Headaches

Our association management solutions are built to give more control over data, collaboration, and growth. Tear down the obstacles caused by old, hardcoded,  technology that lacks a centralization. With Altai Systems access your information from anywhere, on any device, anytime, all while giving your members the tools and experiences that’ll keep them motivated and engaged.

Our association management solution goes beyond traditional business software by providing a full, robust, platform built within Dynamics 365. As Microsoft 365 partners, we do more than integrate seamlessly with the entire suite of Microsoft 365 products. Our solution leverages the foundation Microsoft provides to give you virtually unlimited access to tools and functions that enhance your engagement and operational goals while removing extra baggage that doesn’t further your mission.

You'll Move Mountains with Altai Systems

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