Altai Systems provides flexible CRM solutions tailored to meet the needs of associations.

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Today’s progressive Associations need more than Association Management Software.
With Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Altai Membership Solutions, associations can build stronger relationships with their members, maximize revenue and improve organizational efficiency – while ensuring their technology will be continuously updated.

Boost Staff Productivity

Give your people familiar, intuitive tools that help them be more productive. With seamless integration to Microsoft® Office and other Microsoft solutions, role-based forms, and powerful query tools, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your people work more efficiently with members, partners, chapters, and each other.

Streamline Your Business

Automate business processes and streamline operations. With flexible workflows, guided processes, and conditional rules, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you better leverage relationships and manage your business processes. Eliminate mundane tasks so you can do more of what matters.

Improve Engagement

Give your members access to their information and ecommerce anytime, anywhere through the Altai Web Portal. Know who your members are connected to and what they are saying about you with Social Enterprise functionality.

Trusted Nationwide

Over 35 associations use Altai Systems solutions to better serve their members.

If you want to create your own unique stamp, CRM lets you do that.

Kathy Knock, PMP Management Information Specialist Oregon School Boards Association

I truly believe that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an application that we can build upon for years to come.

Holly Rosini Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer LeadingAge PA

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