Altai Portal Plugins Altai Portal Plugins Our unified portal plugin is a revolutionary concept for association management solutions that works inside any content management system with interchangeable web parts that result in a faster implementation that is easier to use. VIEW DETAILS Altai Credentialing Altai Credentialing Manage the process of candidate applications and streamline the certification and accreditation process from a single system of record. VIEW DETAILS Altai Performance Altai Performance If you are a small to midsize association with annual revenue less than $6 million, check out Altai Performance. The only CRM based AMS solution that is configured and implemented automatically. VIEW DETAILS Altai Enterprise Altai Enterprise Highly configurable based on the needs of the client, Altai's AMS solution coupled with Dynamics 365 has more capability than any other AMS, and more integration with the tools you're already using today. VIEW DETAILS
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