Unleash Altai Performance

An Association Business Platform Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s more than a rapid implementation it’s the smart implementation. Organizations can accomplish great things if they are given the right tools and Altai Performance sets you on the path to begin using the best tools an association can access through Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. The Altai Association Management Platform is not one-size-fits-all. Rather Altai Performance helps you quickly access the tools you need most. Designed to put the expansive power of the Microsoft Dynamics business platform at your finger tips to support the unique way you run your organization.

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Discover Your Potential

See what your organization can accomplish with our association business platform specifically designed for small to medium sized organizations like yours

We offer a controlled cost, rapidly implemented solution created to meet all your core association management needs. You will also receive all the integrative functionality that makes Dynamics the top CRM platform on the market today.


The Altai solution is unique in that it does not lock the customer into a predefined solution. As an Association’s needs and requirements change, the application can be configured to meet those needs. The flexibility is built into the product using tools available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and does not require custom programming.

Cloud Hosting

Keep all of your important data in a secure and reliable space. You will have peace of mind with security maintenance conducted by one of the world’s largest IT providers.

System Integration

Altai Performance will work with all of your important business processes by integrating with your Microsoft Office 365 system, including Outlook, Excel, Teams, Flow, and more.

Data Maintenance

Organize, store, maintain, and manage all of your association’s critical data. Easily upload and keep track of membership accounts and contact records, and export data to spreadsheets.

Experience the Capabilities of Altai Performance

Our association business platform offers features designed to help you succeed

We know effectively running an organization takes an abundance of time, energy, and focus. We designed Altai Performance to allow for a quick implementation to address all your core needs:

  • Accounting Integration

  • Membership & Committee Management

  • Event Management

  • Seamless Web Portal Design and Connectivity

  • Continuing Education Tracking

  • Robust Reporting

Altai Systems Helps You Move Mountains

Big dreams start with small steps. Contact our team to help you discover ways Altai Systems can take your association to new heights.