Help Your Team

Altai’s membership management software gives you the power to extend your platform to the membership and make them more successful.

You have a vision for your association, but you can’t go it alone. Your members are integral to propelling the mission. You and your members form a team, and an effective team is like a well-oiled machine; powerful and reliable. Each piece has its own role, but all parts must work together in harmony to reach new heights.  We want to give you the tools to make your team the best it can be.

How to Get There

Aspire to greatness – Altai will help you along the way

Altai’s highly-configurable, flexible membership management software ensures your business processes are followed, while automating processes wherever possible. We provide a scalable solution to handle all aspects of your membership management, from registration and renewals to participation and profile management

  • Individual and Organizational Membership

  • Dues Billing

  • Committee Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Member Participation tracking

  • Subscription Management

  • Membership Marketing and

  • Membership Community

Rise Up to the Challenge

With the right tools, great leaders can achieve the best for their team. Our affordable solution can be implemented in your office or provided as a CRM software as a service (SAAS). With Altai, you can:

  • Achieve flexibility without needing custom programming

  • Enable members to easily access to their profile on the web

  • Control and deliver content to members when you need

  • Give members the ability to do business with your organization anytime via the web

  • Unify your message to engage your mission.

Ready to start your trek to the top?

Contact our exploration team to help you discover ways Altai Systems can take your association to new heights.