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Altai’s Marketing Integrations help you cultivate your potential

You have a message to share, and we want to help you bring that message to the people you want to hear it. Our goal is to help you inspire your members, grow your audience, foster innovation, and reach for greater heights. With Altai’s association management software integrations, your message can be broadcast to audiences beyond your usual reach.

email marketing

Email Marketing

We give your email marketing initiatives the leg up it needs. Our software seamlessly integrates with all major email marketing platforms, including ClickDimensions, Informz, Act On, and more. Easily generate reports on campaigns and immediate insight into your marketing efforts so that you can make more informed marketing decisions.

direct analytics

Direct Analytics

When your association management software integrations include your marketing, you can have access to the most robust analytics, crossing all major digital marketing channels. You can use tools like Power BI or AI to measure trends, sentiment, commerce effectiveness, and more.

engagement points

Engagement Points

Track, record, and score every interaction each member has with your organization, from buying a publication, to clicking through an email, to engaging with your brand on social. Know which of your members are the most engaged, or which initiatives are resonating with you members.

social media

Social Media

By integrating Microsoft’s interactive social engagement tool with Altai’s software, you can have access to critical social listening tools that provide valuable insight into your marketing efforts. You can respond in real time to any members on any social medial channel, and receive brand metrics to assist in your marketing and membership decision making.

What it Means to be Heard

How you can benefit from marketing with Altai’s association management software integrations

  • Integrated campaign management

  • Informed lead scoring

  • Communications tracking

  • More insight into the effectiveness of your campaign

  • Deeper understanding of your audience

  • Better engagement

benefit from marketing with Altai’s association management software integrations

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