The Integration of a Community Platform to Altai and the Microsoft Dynamics Business Platform

A community platform is a great way to get members talking, collaborating, sharing and well…  being a community.  If you are going to digitally transform, then you need to figure out a way for your members to adopt a platform and make it their own. Altai, built within Microsoft Dynamics 365, can make that happen.


Make Identity easy. Don’t torture your member. Don’t make then authenticate every day from their desktop. You need a way to enable users to authenticate themselves with the platform. Don’t force them to log on with their User IDs and passwords each time they want to use their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts.

We have solved that problem! We use Microsoft AzureB2C to allow Higher Logic users to log in with ONE email/password or a social account. AzureB2C is FREE for the first 50,000 identities, and it is bullet proof.

Profile Management

Your Higher Logic community can stand alone, but why should it? By integrating to Altai and the Microsoft Platform you can enable countless more features in Higher Logic. Our combined business platform will work with Higher Logic to manage what is expected such as users, communities, and roles. But it can also enable the following: #JustInTimeContent, Realtime eCommerce, and Wallet management.


A digital transformation requires that you capture and channel all the digital signals a prospective member, a volunteer, an unhappy or thrilled constituent gives off. Our business platform allows you to aggregate, consolidate and focus those signals into meaningful content. It is delivered “Just In Time” on the right device to the right constituent for the right amount of time. Your CMS, your AI, your business processes can be fluid and pointed at the right folks using tools Altai can supply you such as Dynamics 365 and the Azure Data Lake.


Let’s keep Commerce next to Community next to the Content!

Altai commerce widgets for Higher Logic allow you to put instant “one-click” buy or “Commerce Paths” before your Higher Logic community. If the community is discussing an event or a course, why not have “one-click” book buys or registrations right next to the conversation? Don’t make them log into your portal, hunt for the product, and then buy it.  Make it easy!

Digital Signals

Members give off a LOT of digital signals. Higher Logic alone gives off over 200 different signals as members collaborate and work in their community. Some of these signals are important and some are “waste.” You don’t know which are important until you have data to analyze. You need AI to make sense out of digital signals. There can be billions of signals that seem unrelated until we see them graphed with other data. Dynamics, PowerBI, Azure Data Lake, Cortana, Microsoft Machine Learning and Altai’s CRM can all work together to determine member intent, logical actions and provide engagement scoring with automatic actionable dashboards and charts.


There are A LOT of things you can do with your Higher Logic site in addition to community discussions.  Feel free to contact me, Altai Partner and CRM Architect, Mike Frye, to discuss this further.

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