The future of events… 

At Altai we view event production like Henry Ford viewed car production: consistent production and collaboration, frictionless registration, accurate GL posting and informative reporting. 


You can use the Teams platform to ideate and plan your event.  Meetings are captured, knowledge is indexed, then invitations are sent to volunteers, members, and key vendors: each of those groups can see only what you want them to see. This is how ASAE manages its annual event. 

Create a survey, send out a call for sessions to the membership, and let them vote on sessions. Build a panel of judges and let the system automatically send the proposals to the judges for voting. Import results into Excel, analyze them, and get the process started. 


The Altai solution enables wallets on your website so when a member logs in, she doesn’t need to go through checkout each time: they simply click on “Buy” to complete the transaction.  

There’s also a “Commerce Path” so when a member registers, the journey walks them through upsells & cross-sells that are configurable with a simple point and click.


Altai and Microsoft each have their own event module. Although they both have their own unique features, we can implement either of them with the same efficiency and the same optimal results. The Microsoft event module has a fantastic marketing system built into it. 

Virtual events.

The Altai solution can automatically create Zoom or Team meetings for an event or a session and invite the right session registrants to the right sessions. For example, only board members are invited to the board meeting, only the legal committee is invited to the legal meeting.

The Altai solution gives you the ability to easily create a meeting in Teams that includes sessions, sponsors, booths and event messaging. We can also integrate with many other event platforms in about 32 to 40 hours.