Altai’s CRM-based platform includes the capabilities required to drive value to your members. 

Altai Includes:

  • Basic customer service with cases, phone/email routing, self-help, and documentation.
  • Workflow automation to automate cases by type and process.
  • Member Self Help.  Any member can access their profile and see the status of cases.
  • Auto Cases can be created from virtually anywhere. For example, if a member tweets “#Annual2020 I’m upset, the system will spot that in your social media feed and auto-create a case. 
  • Member Case Analytics. Number of open cases. 

Microsoft includes:

  • The Dynamics Virtual agent for Customer Service allows your team to create customer service chatbots that can manage your members’ needs and requests. The solution uses cutting edge AI and adapts to your business processes for requests like “send me my invoice”, “where is my sponsorship application”, “How do I get access to….”, but BOTs can also handle more complex requests, like “How many hours do I still need towards my certification?”. 
  • Customer Insights allows you to improve member satisfaction and understand where member friction is coming from using AI and the data in your platform.
  • For call centers, there is an entire customer service center solution that is telephony enabled.