How We Make Your Life Easier :


The demo in a 19 min video with timecodes…

There are four ways your component and chapter leaders can manage their relationship with APTA:

  1. Use Microsoft Teams to manage their community and to collaborate.  This is what we see progressive associations moving towards.
  2. They can obtain an inexpensive platform license to directly and safely manage some of their data in your system using the same software as your staff.
  3. They can use our portal to manage their relationship. Our portal parts allow any CRM functionality to extend the forms to the website.
  4. They can use existing custom APTA web pages to manage their data, just like they do today. We can update your existing site to use CRM data and the components will not know anything has changed.

Typically, Altai configures three templates that your components can use to effortlessly conduct business on your website. We take small, medium and large components and configure the best solution for them. Once the solution is in place it is easy to setup new comports simply by cloning the template and updating the details. 

You needn’t worry about the transactional functionality when it comes to chapter and component management.  We will easily configure our system to your needs after reviewing the options with you

But… What Does the Future Look Like?

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From the slides above:

  1. An association is a content producer.   They collaborate with volunteers, members and constituents to produce content that will better their industry.   What makes a great team?
    1. Team purpose—Keeps the passion going, keeps the teams focused, fulfilled, and aligned on achieving their objectives.   A team should have an end goal in mind.
    2. Collective identity—Fosters a sense of belonging and helps team members work together as a unit.
    3. Awareness and inclusion—Enables teams to navigate interpersonal dynamics and value everyone’s perspective.
    4. Trust and vulnerability—Encourages interpersonal risk-taking in teams.  With emotional intelligence and knowing ones self we can be vulnerable and very productive
    5. Constructive tension—Serves as a generative force for new ideas, driving better outcomes.
  2. Microsoft Teams is Group Collaboration Solution.  A solution designed to produce content from the ground up.
  3. Over 70 million people use teams every day.   12 million new users joined in one week in March 2020/. And… Today Teams allows guests!


The next generation of components are starting to use a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams to manage and capture Component “knowledge”. Today we deliver a component template in Teams that allows the components to meet and collaborate, develop a body of knowledge (BOK) and manage members, accounting, conduct commerce, create meetings, and so forth. 

The cool thing about Teams is that ALL knowledge synced in real-time can be captured. Meetings are automatically transcribedall documents are searchable, and knowledge is always at their fingertips.   All member and constituent management is automated with easy to understand and easy to configure workflows.   Since the mundane is automated you will have more time to work with members at a higher level.

Over time, the knowledge gathered from all the components will drive tremendous industry value.