The Demo video with Timecodes..

You’re going to hear this theme over and over, but the platform allows constituents to manage themselves. The platform captures knowledge and allows constituents to collaborate and to establish relationships that directly affect renewal rates.

Altai has all the functionality you need to let members manage themselves, manage their relationship with themselves, and also pull data from many outside sources like LinkedIn, to update their profile automatically.

Altai Includes:

  • All typical membership management functionality you would find in a CRM-based AMS. 
  • Member Self Help.  Any member can access their profile, invoices, or any data you want to expose to them.
  • Member Peer Analytics. Allows members to benchmark against fellow members. 
  • Ὰ la carte Membership. See the video below. 

Microsoft includes:

  • Dynamics Customer Insights can automatically pull data from anywhere in the system, and automatically sync data to provide up-to-date insights into member behavior (and future behavior, too). 
  • Customer Voice is a complete, easy-to-use system that allows you to track metrics based on survey results so you can quickly react to that data. 
  • How are your members using your services and products? Find out what they’re using, what they aren’t, and what they should be so you can focus on what provides the members the most value.