Credentialing eBook

Credentialing eBook

Altai’s comprehensive eBook, What you Need to Know about the Future of Certification Programs is here!

We agree with Denise Roosendaal, CAE, Executive Director at ICE, “explaining certification in layman’s terms to public stakeholders is not easy. But what’s at stake has never been higher.” Because those stakes are so high, we’ve written this eBook to help simplify and shed light on the impact, implications, and governmental developments regarding credentialing, licensing, and certifications. Our eBook contains the following sections:

  • The Rise in Occupational Licensing
  • Adjusting to the Digital Economy and the Changing Workforce
  • A Workforce System for the New Economy
  • Next Steps: Preparing for the Changing Workforce and Legislation affecting the Credentialing Community
  • Protecting the Future of Credentialing in a Changing Workforce

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