Membership Management

Altai’s Membership module is flexible association management software that uses the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 platform. Highly configurable to work the way you do, Altai Membership ensures that your business processes are followed— as well as automated where possible. Altai Membership is a salable solution that will grow with you. Whether you are seeking a nonprofit management system, membership management software or simply the best CRM software for association management, Altai Membership will work for you. It is an affordable solution that can be implemented in your office or provided as a CRM SAAS (software as a service) solution.

You use Microsoft software and applications to run your business. From Microsoft Dynamics GP for your financials to Office productivity tools to SQL server and Windows to power your servers, you are accustomed to Microsoft-designed software. Microsoft has invested hundreds of millions of dollars making Dynamics CRM easy to use, reliable, and well supported.

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