Engage your members with Altai

  • Create stunning member portals

    We can work with any web developer you choose to create a stunning web portal that services your members.   Our Web parts fit right into your existing website or we can create a new member website and leave your content site as is. 

  • Easy to sell & cross sell

    One click and members can renew, or buy a book, or register for a simple event.  Their cell phone dings and they respond “Y” to the question “Are you sure you want to buy this book for $46.75.  6 seconds later they have their invoice and their book is on the way! We know who is on your web page and interested in making a purchase so we make it easy for them.

  • Self-service made easy

    You can take any automated process in CRM and extend it to the web suite.  Any form, any list, any directory, any survey, any questions any process.  ALL configuration is done in the association business platform 

  • Purchases Made Easy

    Your members can click on what they want and conduct all their commerce in one transaction.  Renew, register, buy a book, take an exam, donate to the PAC, and buy a chapter t-shirt.  Your members see one cart, one transaction, but behind the scenes, the PAC gets its money separately into their bank account,  the chapter gets their money directly and you have a completed transaction in your system with no monies comingled 

  • Content, commerce, & community, all only one click away

    You can inject a sell widget or a survey widget or any form directly into the web suite on the same page as your content.  Why make your members click on a link, log into a portal, and buy something when you can just have them buy it on the same page as the content.  If you have a community platform, just put the registration part on that community site where you talk about the event. 

  • SSO Made Easy, Highly secure

    The average association spends over 4 hours a week dealing with lost passwords.  With Altai and Microsoft you’re out of the security and password business. We replace the CMS local security mechanism with Microsoft’s AzureB2C so you don’t have to worry. 

  • CMS Agnostic

    In the old days, most AMS providers designed their member portal in a specific CMS (DNN, SiteFinityetc) with specific and fixed functionality(Membership, Events, Products, Donations)  The problem was ALWAYS the same.  One or two organizations like the approach and the rest hated it.  With roughly 1,300 CMS’s on the market today, we could not win the flexibility award using a fixed approach so we designed our web parts with the same technology that Google uses, and to be Angular JavaScript widgets that work with any browser on any CMS.  

  • No Code, No Developers, No Stress

    We could not achieve portal greatness if we needed a team of developers to code all of the above for every web suite.  Our demo portal site is and has been configured by sales staff for the last 5 years. That is our test… What is yours? 

The Correct Content Every Time


Just in time content is a philosophy borrowed from manufacturing to create ultra-efficient processes that don’t waste time or money. AI is now able to curate the digital signals that a member gives off.  For example, “A member prospect graduates, lands an internship, creates a LinkedIn profile, visits your association’s website, begin to like certain subjects and ignore others. They post, tweet, TicToc, about their new industry, get hired fulltime, update LinkedIn.”

Each action creates digital signals which AI is able to connect and understand creating a previously hidden value that can now be utilized to highlight content for your member in their portal which you built using Altai’s Portal Plugins. 

Finally!!, prospects and members are delivered the right content at the right time on the right device. 

  • The Right Content

    is relevant content that interests them and gives them some sort of value 

  • The Right Time

    is asking prospects to join after 4 months into a new job and not during the holidays.

  • The Right Device

    is showing different content on a member’s phone than their desktop and not showing them an event invite after they’ve registered. 

The Modern Member portal

In today’s digital environment, membership engagement begins in a virtual space. It starts on a smartphone, a browser, an email, or a text message, and it branches out from there. Our portal suite puts you where your members are.

We realized that a membership web system based on one CMS limited your efforts for the member.  We created our WebPart engine natively to work with any CMS and not as an unsecured iframe.


Wordpress Support

WordPress controls almost 40% of all websites out there today That’s a staggering 455 million websites!   Wow! 

How We Support WordPress

All the items below are supported out of the box for WordPress.  Any of the items below can be configured if you’re not using WordPress 


When a member goes to your site the security mechanism recognizes them and logs them in automatically if it recognizes the computer or cell phone or requires them to register. 

The security makes sure they are who they say they are and it tells us what content they can see and what prices they need to see. 


Any content in WordPress can be tied to any member attributes.  (ie they are a Gold member, they are on the Board, they are on the transportation committee, they need to renew, they need to register, then need to be thanked for renewing).  We call it #justintimecontent but you can put the right content in front of the right member at the right time.

Altai’s Portal Plugins includes a multitude of services that are designed to make your life easier.

Unique Advantages

Discover the many benefits of Altai’s association management solutions

  • Safe, reliable business operations through secure web applications.

  • Content visibility with Just-in-Time content

  • Easier, more streamlined website management

  • Successful event planning, hosting, and organization

What Sets Us Apart

Altai’s Web Suite offers unmatched, unrivaled features

Our unified portal plugin is a revolutionary concept in the world of association management solutions: a unified web solution that works inside any content management system, with interchangeable web parts, resulting in a faster implementation that’s easy to use.

A short block of storefronts with varied-colored upper stories


Altai’s commerce engine allows you to showcase any product or service you have on the web. This can range from a membership renewal to a complex event registration to a coffee mug. Our storefront is designed to work for any association without writing custom code.

Concept of integration and startup with puzzle pieces

Seamless Integration

Altai solutions integrate to various platforms to meet your commerce needs and handle your daily business operations. Our web tools can be integrated to any website as an Angular 6 widget. Altai’s tool kit can be used out of the box or can be extended for much larger organization.

Speaker giving a talk on corporate business event

Event Management

Our event module will help you successfully manage any event, from planning through conclusion. From simple to complex events, your members will have a pleasant event registration experience, while your staff receives the reporting and metrics they need for event analytics.

Move Mountains With Altai Systems

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