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Altai Systems has 15 years of successfully implementing Enterprise Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM solutions in the association and non-profit arena.  Prior to that, the partners at Altai have 15 years’ experience successfully delivering enterprise Great Plains financial and Siebel CRM solutions to the association and non-profit space.  We have a long track record of delivering complex and sophisticated solutions that meet our clients’ needs and objectives and have enabled them to thrive.

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Our first Enterprise Dynamics CRM delivery in 2005 was a 400-user solution for an association in Texas.  We worked with their Business and IT teams to deliver a solution that replaced 30 plus applications including their main application written in IBM’s RPG programming language that was running on an AS400.   Since that point in time, we have delivered a number of Enterprise Association Management solutions.  Examples of these projects include:

A 300-user membership and certification organization located in Pennsylvania. They were coming off 5 different systems including a legacy AMS where they managed their million-plus membership, SalesForce, and home-grown systems.   Working with their business units and IT department, we were able to replace each of the existing systems and roll them into our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution in a phased approach.  Using a phased approach allowed them to get into the system quickly and bring on different business units while eliminating their old systems “one by one”.  The final data migration of their multi-million record legacy AMS occurred over a weekend and they went live without issue.  By consolidating their different systems into Dynamics CRM, they had a single central database for all their customer information, reduced user training requirements as everyone was using the same system, and improve their ability to roll out new functionality as IT was focused on working with a single Enterprise Platform that enabled them to grow and scale efficiently.  The client has taken complete ownership of the system and has been able to expand on it as needed.

The National Safety Council, a 275-user membership system in Chicago that is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. Working with their IT team, we replaced their legacy iMIS system with our Altai Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and they are using our full suite of functionality including Membership Management, Chapter and Committee Management, Events Management, Product Sales and fulfillment, Accounting and Financial Management, Publication and Subscription Management, Donations Management, and Awards Management

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We’ve taken the experience we’ve gained over the last 15 years and project retrospectives to continually improve and refine our approach to Enterprise implementations.  The Altai Enterprise Implementation methodology is based on the Agile approach and is an accelerated project implementation method, focusing on the key strategic and tactical areas that must be addressed to minimize both Altai Systems Consulting investment and our client’s business risk while facilitating successful delivery and completion of our client’s solution.  The Altai Systems implementation is comprised of processes and activities logically grouped into four distinct phases, which Altai Systems believes will make it easier to provide management and control during the lifecycle of a project.

The Altai Systems Implementation Methodology has also been optimized to eliminate the traditional project lifecycle model in which one phase cannot start before the previous stage is completed.  Instead, the Altai Systems project approach allows project phases and processes to begin before the previous ones are complete as long as a pre-review shows that all required steps have been taken and inputs are available.

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