Optimizing Operations: The Third Key to Digital Transformation

The next installment of our  Digital Transformation blog series involves Optimizing Operations. By automating mundane tasks and driving business efficiencies to a Cloud platform, an organization will inherently optimize their operations and accelerate their responsiveness. The Cloud provides previously unprecedented flexibility for all your IT operations that can be specifically designed to fit any organization’s needs.


Considerations for Moving to the Cloud

When an organization considers its approach to operational efficiency, it should ask itself the following questions:


  • How are you keeping up with growing data?
  • How do you provide software and applications to new staff?
  • How does staff access and share the data they need to make decisions, especially when they are away from the office?


When considering the answers to these questions, organizational leaders will soon see that Cloud based operations will enhance or improve any of the above processes and accesses.


Benefits to Cloud Management

1. Easy Upgrades & Cost Savings

Unifying business functions to create consistent and unified Cloud management allows organizations to simplify AND increase the agility of all their IT processes. They can quickly and easily adapt to new lines of business, membership and staff needs. They stay current by knowing their team is always on the latest technology which can be a huge bonus considering the number of customizations that have been done on systems in the past. Those customizations have hindered the ability and cost for organizations to conduct necessary upgrades. Switching to a Cloud solution becomes both a cost effective and tech savvy endeavor.


2. Security

For larger organizations, it’s increasingly important to consider security and privacy in the wake of the European Union’s GDPR regulations. Therefore, a Cloud solution that is hosted by an internationally recognized CRM leader will help ensure an organization’s security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.


3. Scalable and Modular Cloud-Based Infrastructure 

Moving to a Cloud-based infrastructure can be an intimidating proposition, but organizations can deploy new services and experiences by using a scalable and  modular Cloud-based infrastructure. You can either move completely to the Cloud or integrate Cloud services with on-premise services. Either way, you will reduce service implementation or run costs with the comprehensive platform. So, minimize implementation risks and overhead costs with a simple solution that can scale.


If you are interested in learning how Altai can help your organization digitally transform and optimize your operations, click the link below.