Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM and Altai Membership

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Further advantages of Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and Altai Membership

Hosting on-site or in the cloud

Choose between a SaaS cloud with CRM Online, a private cloud where you have complete access to your own environment, or install Microsoft Dynamics® 365 on your own servers. Microsoft Dynamics® 365 can be accessed via the Web, through Microsoft Outlook, or offline. And you can easily move from one deployment option to another.

Integrate with Outlook and Microsoft Office

You never have to leave Outlook in order to see information about your members, or to access any of the functionality of CRM and Altai Membership. Track emails, contacts, appointments and tasks all within CRM. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office and even SharePoint, Yammer and other Microsoft solutions.

Flexibility and Extensibility

Easily configure the system to meet your unique needs, including point-and-click configuration of new fields and forms, automated workflows, customizable user experience, detailed control of user access and security, and easy reporting tools. The Microsoft Dynamics® 365 platform was designed from the beginning to be extended while still preserving upgradeability and support.

Mobile Accessibility

Work from anywhere on almost any mobile device including Windows phone, iPad/iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. Microsoft Dynamics® 365 has native mobile functionality allowing you to make even custom forms respond well to mobile devices.

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and Altai Membership allows your organization to see a member’s interests, understand who your best members are, know which products are generating the most revenue, which services are considered the most valuable, and which messages are getting the most response.

Social Media Integration

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 includes inherent social capabilities like integration to LinkedIn and Facebook through Outlook, helping you monitor and respond to what your members are saying about you. And if you already have a private social network, we can integrate it with the Altai Membership database.

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 also helps your internal organization become social with features that allow staff to “follow” members, companies or other staff, send alerts to just your team or the entire organization, and even integrate with SharePoint for sharing of information across the organization.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our clients tell us that initial costs are significantly less than a typical AMS solution. The ongoing costs are even better. We help our clients be as self-sufficient as they want to be so support costs stay low. And when you are ready to take advantage of the latest technology and functionality, our upgrades typically only take a few days – a big difference from the weeks-long upgrades usually required with other systems.

Member Web Portal

Your members can update their profile, pay dues, register for events, make a donation and buy products anytime, anywhere via the Web. And you can control their access to content, build custom forms and control the shopping experience without custom Web programming. The Altai Web Portal integrates with your existing website or CMS.


4 ways Microsoft CRM and Altai work together to support your association

Your People:  Boost staff productivity

Give your people familiar, intuitive tools that help them be more productive. With seamless integration to Microsoft® Office and other Microsoft solutions, role-based forms, and powerful query tools, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can help your people work more efficiently with members, partners, chapters, and each other.

Your Processes:  Streamline your business

Automate business processes and streamline operations. With flexible workflows, guided processes, and conditional rules, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM helps you better leverage relationships and manage your business processes. Eliminate mundane tasks so you can do more of what matters.

Your Members:  Improve engagement

Give your members access to their information and ecommerce anytime, anywhere through the Altai Web Portal. Powerful membership management software, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Altai Membership let you know who your members are connected to and what they are saying about you with Social Enterprise functionality.

Your System:  Be self-sufficient

Easily manage the system on your own. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM provides a flexible framework, drag-and-drop configuration, and the ability to extend the system while preserving the upgrade path. And Altai Systems delivers thorough training, so you can become as self-sufficient as you want to be.


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