No canned AMS program can do what we do, which begins with our acquiring an intimate knowledge of your organization.

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Our process for creating great association management software

1. Understand the Customer

We take the time to understand your job, your organization, your headaches, your daily work, your wins and your failures. Are there specific areas of concern? Issues with member management, event management, donor management, volunteer management, or grant management? We‘re experienced in all aspects of nonprofit management and nothing blows our cool.

2.  Plan and Prepare

Guess what? You’re on the team. You will depend on us and we will depend on you. Our part is to produce documentation and a plan that states what we are going to do and how long it should take. This is our “bid.”

3.  Push Back

Someone from your organization may ask us to make CRM “do it like the old system. ” If we think this will be expensive to produce and upgrade, we will push back. We know how to agree, but we also know how to say "you don’t want to do that!"

4.  Execute

There will be no surprises during execution. We will be showing you software and asking for your opinion during the entire course of the project. The goal is to eliminate misunderstandings in the go live phase.

5.  Go Live

Whether your completed project resides on cloud-based CRM or locally hosted CRM, we will be there when you need us. Our goal is to wean you from us and vice-versa, but we will be available when something goes wrong. A successful launch will be our mutual target.

6.  Circle Back

After the initial adjustment, you will have a fantastic understanding of CRM and what it can and cannot do. This is a great time to discuss next steps, fix bad habits and bring the next wave of efficiency to your operations.


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