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Altai's Commitment to the 3 C's

Altai is commited to providing organizations the best Association Management Solution (AMS) on the market. To accomplish this task, we've built our platform by following the 3 C's: Content, Commerce & Community.



The content of your AMS is comprised of more than just housing the names and addresses of members, boards and committees. It contains accouting resources, event management information, marketing content and so much more. A true full service CRM like ours can compile, manage and report on all facets of your organization's functioning. An example of one of those functions is listed here:

The Membership Lifecycle is merely one example of the various functions our AMS excels at providing. Our expert sales team can brief you on the many other features and functions of our AMS.



Community is what drives membership and keeps an organization engaged in their mission. Altai has numerous ways to keep members engaged. As a CRM built on the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 platform, we intgrate with amazing tools like Microsoft Social Engagement, Higher Logic, CQ Roll Call's Engage platform, and many others. We also offer exclusive Altai only capabilities like our Engagement Points feature to help an organization's stakeholders get a full 360° view of each member and gage what drives their engagement with the organization. 


To learn more about any of our features, functions and integrations, click 3 C's



The idea of commerce is not comprised simply of selling goods and services. For not-for-profit organizations, Commerce is used as a mechanism to raise funds and drive the organization's mission. To faciliate that initiative, Altai has created the 4 Pillars of Commerce:

We've written a blog article that details the tenets of the 4 Pillars of Commerce, but want you to know that regardless of where your stream of commerce originates and flows, our 4 Pillars will lead you to the river of financial success. 


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